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FabEve Story and Mission for Fashion Jewelry and Women Clothing


If you ask us who the bravest is, there is one answer that topples all other things. Have any guess?

YOU GOT IT—WOMEN, no less!

Let's start off with some introduction, shall we? You are right here on this page to know about us and I can tell you right this very moment that it is a mutual interest because we are so stoked at knowing about you as well! So okay, let me tell you about FabEve first and foremost.

FabEve traces back its beginnings to 2015 in Germany until its acquisition two years later by Alex Fallah. It is now headquartered in Vancouver, Canada and the fabulous growing community is expanding as far as the north and south of the globe! It's amazing how this simple lifestyle brand for women has become every girl's girlfriend! It's amazing how when women come together, they make waves of impact to the rest of the world, isn’t it?

Does any name ring a bell to you? Oprah Winfrey? Audrey Hepburn? Vera Wang? Tyra Banks? Gigi Hadid? Tory Burch?

The languages of women are many, and their most favorite expression is through fashion. This is the reason FabEve was created—to help every girl be the woman they imagine themselves to be because becoming Fabulous is not a luxury, IT IS A STATEMENT.

​The history draws back Eve as the world's first woman but this Eve has evolved through many generations to the modern woman we know today. She has different styles. Different tastes. Different dreams. Many roles to play each day. And along those lines, she has to embody the kind of woman that spreads inspiration about love, peace, courage, elegance, grace, and wisdom. Well, haven't you heard? "Within every woman there is a healer, a lioness, a wild warrioress, a priestess, a Goddess." But at the bottom of it, every kind of Eve wants to be Fabulous—always!

“Every woman is a queen. And we all have different things to offer.” ~Queen Latifah

Now, here goes the role of FabEve! We are an independent lifestyle brand that uses handpicked signature pieces that represent the Eve of today’s era — classy, fierce, elegant, graceful and smart.

From streetsmart edgy to the classy luxe look, FabEve has a wide range of jewelry collection that exude elegance and style in action. Going from strength to strength, FabEve has developed a growing following internationally, catering to diverse styles and trends.

FabEve is more than just a brand. It is a force that celebrates Eve and her many shades and contrasts; a space where her beauty isn't only talked about but she is made a part of the conversation.

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