A Comprehensive Look at Black Gold
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September26, 2018

A Comprehensive Look at Black Gold


Black Gold was for a better part of the last few decades interchangeably used with petroleum and to a certain extent oil. Today black gold is widely regarded as jewelry that is of a wide variety including black gold and rose gold. These kinds are exclusively appealing to the naked eye. The variance, uniqueness and compelling looks of black gold jewelry have significantly contributed to the popularity of this gem. But what makes them so special? This article highlights everything that relates to black gold in depth to allow you to make an insightful decision before purchasing.

Black gold- does it exist?

This is the question that pops up in everyone’s mind when the term black gold is uttered. This is because gold in its natural element is yellow in color. But technology is rapidly altering production methods and with it shaping how rocks like gold and diamond are designed and produced. This has led to a variety in the gold colorway with colors like blue, rose, green and black being associated with gold. Yes, black gold is very much in existence.

Black gold processing and duration

There are quite a number of ways to create black gold. These methods involve alloying, electroplating and using a laser technique to treat black gold.

1. Alloying

To give gold that black color, a chemical process that is known to many as alloying is carried out. Alloying involves chemically combining two elements and in this case, gold and cobalt. The ratio might vary from one jeweler to another. It must be noted, however, that although the process is deemed as alloying, it really is not. This is because the black layer is only on the surface, whereas alloying involves combining two metals and not necessarily covering.

2. Rhodium plating

This is the most common way jewelers use to process black gold, because of its efficiency and the results it delivers. It involves plating the gold, part of them with a black finish and in this case rhodium. It can be likened to an individual who colors or dyes their hair. The original color of the hair is not lost but merely covered by a fine layer of the dye color material.

Although this method is meant to be long lasting, it is not permanent as over the course of time the plating will fade away. This will depend on how frequent the piece of jewelry is worn and how well it is maintained. But fear not as rhodium plating can be redone with the prices varying from jeweler to jeweler. In reality, it is the most affordable option of black gold processing. It is also the best option considering the quality of the jewelry is smooth and overall finish gives it a glossy and shiny look.

This method really makes your piece ‘pop’ and stand out as it is unique in its own way.

3. Laser treated black gold

This method of processing black gold is fairly new to the industry. It involves the use of a powerful femtosecond laser to alter the surface of the metal through directed energy to a fairly tiny spot. This method can turn any metal on the surface of the earth black.

Of all the methods listed in this article, it is indeed the most durable of them all and to match this, it is the most expensive method of processing black gold. In addition, it consumes a lot of energy as well as time. As technology continues to improve production methods, there is no doubt that this method of production will become readily available and efficient for the market.

The next question that lingers in the mind of those who black out their gold or intend to, is if doing this will lead to a decrease in the value of their metal. The answer is no and neither does it increase its value. The value of your piece will ultimately depend on the percentage of gold in it, and as the saying goes the higher the better.

Black metals used to process black gold do not depreciate or appreciate its value as the original worth will still be maintained. Since gold does not lose its value you can rest easy and black out your jewelry and be unique and stylish.

How does black gold match up against other valuable metals?

As a buyer, you might want to know how black gold compares to other precious metals, preferably other black metals before you can make your decision.

1. Black carbon fibre

Known for its extremely lightweight characteristic, black carbon fiber is also strong, highly durable and heat resistant. But carbon fiber is usually not associated with metals rather a fabric, which is highly potent and versatile. When compared to black gold, carbon fiber is by far cheap affordable and durable. But black gold is highly valuable because of the composition of gold in the jewelry.

2. Black ceramic

One key attribute to this type of jewelry is the consistency of the color and its ability to maintain its subtle glow. As some would have it, its luster. Black ceramic unlike black gold is not plated and is very cheap, meaning its easily affordable. As good as it may sound, one drawback of this jewelry is that its durability is in question as mere drop or knock could crack or shatter the ceramic.

3. Black tungsten

This type of jewelry offers quite a contemporary and sleek style for a reasonable price. To add onto that, tungsten is highly resistant to scratches, adding a level of durability to its resume. Naturally, it occurs in a light grey color which can be darkened to give it a black glossy finish. However, it can break if a certain amount of pressure is exerted to the jewelry and recovery of the same can be a tedious process.

4. Black titanium

Naturally, this metal occurs in a greyish whitish color but certain processes are taken to give it a black finish. One key advantage of having this kind of metal as jewelry is that it is highly durable. Chances are from the time you purchase it till the time you will sell it away or dispose of it, it will hold up its shine and finish. It does not scratch easily as well. However, because of the strength of this kind of metal, when faced with an emergency it can prove quite difficult when cutting the metal.

Black gold as jewelry

Jewelry has long been accustomed to colors that pop and are radiant. Black has not been one of this colors, but recent trends suggest that black colors for jewelry will continue to become even more popular. Black jewelry is no doubt sleek and subtly grabs the attention of those around you giving you that edge of uniqueness. It also fits right in with any occasion you throw at it.

Black gold earrings and pendants survive for long without losing their gloss and overall finish. As for rings and bracelets, they will require occasional reupholstering as they are frequently exposed to external conditions, which contribute to the wear and tear. This process of wearing off is commonly referred to as bleeding. Jewelers advise and recommend replating of black jewelry after every 6 months. Frugal black in the piece does the job, but as people are different those looking to make an impression should go for something more audacious.

The best part about blacking out your gold piece is that if you do not fancy black gold it can easily be altered and tailored to suit your preference. Since black gold processing is only on the surface, alterations can easily be made to the surface. Jewelers can plate your gold piece to suit your needs.

This unique characteristic alongside the fact that the gold does not lose its value makes investing in black gold all the more worth it.

Black gold engagement rings

This is certainly not what the masses are used to when it comes to engagements and wedding rings. This means that black gold as wedding rings is not meant for everyone as it contrasts what is normally accustomed to weddings.

But bear in mind that this type of jewelry massively appeals to the naked eye and with it comes to a certain element of uniqueness. This is because most people combine black gold with other gemstones, such as black diamonds or black moissanite to give the ring a stunning and beautiful look. Black gold will also highlight other sapphire or ruby if you wish to use a stronger color accent. Without any shadow of a doubt, these options will capture the attention of a lot of people and making you pop in the process.

But before you make any decision, remember that wedding rings are pieces that are meant to last a lifetime. You should make decisions based on what you love and will be comfortable with.

How to take care of black gold?

Black gold, especially rings is worn quite often and you may notice that some parts of the piece will thin out over the course of time. For this reason, it is important to consult the services of a professional jeweler to inspect and polish your piece. But before then, avoid rubbing, scratching or knocking your black gold jewelry. When cleaning it is imperative to avoid using non-abrasive cleaning products. Instead, use warm soapy water with a cloth to gently clean.

Where to shop for black gold jewellery

Black Gold is a precious type of metal, which you might have difficulty finding in local shops. Finding a reputable jeweler is also difficult and you should be very careful when looking for one.

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