17 Luxury Rings Jewelry | Winter 2019 Trending Fashion
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January11, 2019

17 Luxury Rings Jewelry | Winter 2019 Trending Fashion

For all of us fashionistas, the key to the perfect clothing ensemble is accessorizing with the perfect jewelry. Jewelry adds sparkle. It adds glamour. And it shows off our own style and personality.

A great jewelry collection starts with a few essential pieces that never go out of style and are made to last.

Choose from thousands of sparkling styles in our extended assortments and window shop without ever leaving the comfort of your home. Discover your new love with our dazzling jewelry styles; we have bright colors, bold looks, fine gemstones, elegant diamonds, and more!


Here are the Top 17 FabEve's Best Seller for Jewelry Collection 


1. 8ct Simulated Solitaire Stone Silver Ring

         A simulated solitaire ring is very intricate and delicate. What makes this queenly ring even more special is its 8ct cubic zirconia stone topped on a polished 925 sterling silver that leaves everyone in amazement. Flashing beautiful array of sparkle when hit with light.

2. Vintage Swan Heart Ring

Swan is symbolic of True Love and Relationship. This is because 99% of swans only have one partner for their whole life. If their partner dies, they could pass away from broken heart.

This poetic ring was inspired by the wonderful shapes created by nature. It transforms the harmonic form of the swan, a living symbol of beauty, elegance and never-ending love into a surprising and delicate ring.

3. Orange Fire Opal Morganite Ring

Hot orange fire opal featured with morganite stone crafted in black gold filled ring. Perfect accessories for every outfit!

4. Prong White Topaz Heart Cut Ring

This classic Heart Cut ring is perfect for those who loves minimal yet elegant piece of jewelry. Featured with brilliant 5A Cubic Zirconia as centerstone in heart cut design. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and is rhodium plated for tarnish resistance. 

5. Heart Orange Fire Opal Black Ring

The simple, heart shape of this Heart Orange Fire Opal Black Ring designs celebrates the spirit of love. Elegant and sophisticated, this ring is a timeless finishing touch to any look.

6. Green Fire Opal Orange Garnet Ring

Are you Searching for the perfect green opal ring items?, then check the setting in this ring which is solid sterling silver with Green Fire Opal & Garnet
that really brings this opal to life. 

7. Ocean Blue Opal Black Gold Ring

Beautiful ocean blue fire opal featured with cubic Zirconia crafted in black gold filled ring. Perfect statement ring to complete your outfit!

8. Sunflower Fire Opal Ring

Beautiful sunflower design opal fire crafted in black gold filled ring. This ring is perfect accessories to glam up your summer outfit. Get it as gift for someone special or just for yourself!

9. Butterfly Ring Rose Gold Cubic Zirconia

Butterfly Fantasy Ring is perfect for your glam party look and will surely catch everyone's attention. The butterfly symbolizes the change of a person that will go through in your life in regards to your way of thinking or personality.

10. Luxury Queen Crown Ring

This beautiful and unique from our collection is a sterling silver ring hand crafted into the shape of crown. Its silver metallic surface has a shiny glossy finish, that will give you elegance royal look to your finger.

11. Tiara Crown Ring

This lovely Tiara Crown Ring is crafted with dainty detail. Featured with sona simulated diamond as centerstone and plenty of small brilliant high quality cubic zirconia stones. Made of 925 Sterling Silver and is rhodium plated for tarnish resistance. 

12. Antique Angel Wings Ring Vol. 2

Stunning antique angel wings rings! Designed with resizeable band makes it easily fit around any finger and it comes in your choice of color. Perfect gift for your loved ones or just for your self! 

13. Fire Opal Wave Ring

Ride the Waves all Summer long with our new beautiful Fire Opal Wave Ring. Available in two finishes, black gold filled and sterling silver, our Fire Opal Wave ring is perfect for beach life and surf lovers!

14. Light Blue Round Black Gold Ring

Stunning blue cubic zirconia with unique design that will give a perfect glamour look to your finger. Get this as a gift or just for yourself!

15. Mystic Rainbow Topaz Ring

A cushion and round-shaped mesmerizing faceted Rainbow Topaz Ring shimmers with every move, which will have you loving and hypnotized by the sparkles. It is a stunning statement ring that will catch all eyes on you!

16. Black Gold Color Wedding Rings

Black gold is an excellent color for wedding rings, especially for men. Be Unique and enjoy this Black Gold Color Wedding Rings

17. Paw Rose Quartz Resizable Ring

This cute, sleek and stylish sterling silver resizable ring featured with lovely 1 carat rose quartz in paw design. Sterling silver ring finished with 5 times mirror polishing rose gold plated. Wear this paw ring to remember your special pets and keep them close to you all .



Enjoy your day in jewelry paradise at FabEve!!